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5 Ways Your Les Roches Internship Will Prepare You For Your Dream Career

At Les Roches, there is importance placed on both the theory and practice of hospitality. Students are initially taught a variety of subjects in the classroom, ranging from accounting to marketing to leadership techniques. What is integral to this kind of education, however, are the esteemed internships. Undergraduates at Les Roches taking the BBA in Global Hospitality Management or the Diploma in International Hotel Management for example, are required to complete two internships during the course of their studies. It is during these opportunities where students experience the true pace of working in service and the detail needed to make every experience worthwhile for guests.

Internships provide students with a wealth of knowledge in many different ways. Most importantly, they allow for someone to integrate classroom knowledge and theory into a professional setting by providing one with practical experience. This makes it easier to set career goals as well. Les Roches has a deep understanding of how much this matters, and students are guided to secure internships that match their ambitions and personality, preparing them for the outside world.

If you’re curious to learn more about all the benefits of an internship and how Les Roches will prepare you for your dream career, read on.



  1. Exposure to how the industry really works

It is easy to romanticize a certain industry when you’re merely looking at it from the outside. Hospitality in particular easily gives off an air of glamour—from the numerous events a hotel may hold with notable figures to an establishment showcasing their luxurious spa amenities. Having an internship will show you how it truly functions from the inside, helping you further appreciate an industry by showing you the work that truly goes into it. A helpful tip: be a sponge and take in everything to make the most of the opportunity.  An internship truly opens one’s eyes and serves as an useful link between school and working life.


  1. Learning important skills

There is nothing quite like learning from experience. By placing you in real-life situations, an internship teaches you valuable skills that you can surely carry on with you once you start working. This can include the more obvious things such as applying your marketing skills for planning an event or working on your communication skills when interacting with colleagues, guests, or even partners. However, it can also surprise you and put your skills to the test when you least expect it—whether it be a PR crisis or a last-minute change in plans. You will surely develop your resourcefulness in the process. The classroom can only teach you so much—what is equally as important is stepping outside and testing out what you have learned in a real-life setting.


  1. Teaches you responsibilities

When you enter an internship, you get firsthand experience on what it is truly like to work in a particular job of the particular industry of your choice. Expect that you will be assigned certain responsibilities, whether it be assisting with scheduling or event planning, working on logistics, or interacting with clients. You will also be put into a setting where you will experience professionalism with colleagues and work with people from all backgrounds and experiences. You will soon realize that no matter how small a task may seem to be, there are others who are depending on you.


  1. You’ll network and make valuable connections

When you undergo an internship, you are given a number of opportunities to network and make connections with professionals from that particular industry. This is why it is important to leave a good impression and perform your best during your internship, as this can open more doors. The job market is quite competitive, and having connections to important individuals in your field of choice will certainly make it easier to find a job after you graduate. In addition to this, another benefit of making connections is the fact that you can also potentially meet mentors who will be willing to guide you throughout your career.


  1. You will test your interest

Are you not completely sure whether a certain job is for you of if it fits into your career plans? An internship is a great way to test this out, helping you see if a potential job path suits your skills and your career plans. By placing yourself in a real-life workplace setting, you will have a better understanding of how that particular industry works. And if you soon realize that a certain job or industry isn’t exactly for you, then you can simply move on to the next. It doesn’t hurt to try; after all, experience is said to be the best teacher.