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7 Tips for Your Next Job Interview

The programs at Les Roches are designed to help students have a smooth transition from their studies to the work force. The school opens doors for students as well, giving them opportunities to intern in, and eventually work towards their dream companies and careers. Each year, more than 300 leading brands such as Bloomberg, Louis Vuitton, Accor Hotels, and Soho House & Co visit their campuses to find talent. In addition to this, it is reported that 94% of career-seeking students have one or more job offers on graduation day.


Having said all this, it doesn’t mean that the school does everything to make your experience as easy as possible. From performing well in your internships to job hunting, you will have to put in a lot of effort as well. If you are already at that stage where you are job hunting and maybe even have an interview scheduled, then congratulations! Now, it is time to prepare. A job interview can be nerve-wracking, especially if it is your first time, but if you are prepared and enter it with a positive state of mind, you will certainly perform well. Read on for 7 tips that you can use to prepare for your next job interview:


  1. Research about the company and your interviewers

It is essential to read up about the company you’re applying to and if possible, the person who is interviewing you. Understanding key information about the company will not only give you a better idea of their values and how you can potentially be a great fit, but it will also help you enter your interview with confidence. In addition to this, researching about the interviewer will help you see the kind of experience they have within the company.


  1. Read the job description carefully

Before you walk in an interview, be sure to properly read the job description and understand what the company is really looking for. By doing this, you can think about experiences and examples from your past job experience, relating them to how you would be a good candidate for the role. In addition to this, understanding the job description gives you more insight to ask better questions during the interview.


  1. Practice answering questions

Trust us, it proves to be very helpful to list down typical interview questions and practice answering them out loud. Common questions include: “Why are you interested in joining our company?” or “What can you bring to this role?” or even “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” Whether in front of the mirror, with a friend, or with a family member, you will mostly likely remember what you want to say and organize your thoughts better if you practice talking out loud.


  1. Dress appropriately

Whether online or in person, it is important that you dress appropriately for the situation, as it certainly contributes to making a good impression. Making an effort to dress up shows the person you’re meeting that you take the role seriously. Make sure to look professional and put together, but also relaxed. While you should ideally do research on the company culture and dress code, business casual is typically a safe bet for job interviews.


  1. Prepare a list of questions

During a job interview, you’re not just answering questions; you have the opportunity to ask your own questions to the interviewer as well. Doing so exhibits a keen interest in the role. Whether it be about the day-to-day specifics of the role, their company culture, or how your performance would be measured, asking questions shows that you are seriously thinking about working there.


  1. Be polite, professional, and most importantly, yourself

Throughout the interview, put your best foot forward. Greet your interviewer or potential employer politely and kindly, stay engaged throughout the interview, and of course, stay yourself rather than pretending to be someone else. While it is perfectly normal to be nervous, one should stay positive about the interview. A few tips to remember when feeling nervous: try sitting up straight and smiling (although not excessively)—it is amazing how this tiny adjustment can help at times.


  1. Send a thank you note afterwards

While you should thank your interviewer in person for making time to interview you, a good idea to leave a lasting impression is to send a simply thank you email as well. Doing this gives you another opportunity to express your interest in the role. You also have the chance to remind them of the qualifications you had discussed during the interview and even link your online portfolio or LinkedIn profile.


While job hunting and going through interviews can be challenging, you will surely walk out of every interview feeling more experienced, with a better understanding of yourself and what you want. Good luck!