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Ready and Empowered: How Our Students are Thriving with the Les Roches Way of Life

At Les Roches Jin Jiang, we put utmost importance in ensuring quality of education and a balanced student life.  From an immersive, hands-on approach to education, to the various student-led activities on campus, the Les Roches way of life transforms students into well-rounded individuals with necessary skills and clear goals in the hospitality industry.

One may describe our school to be a hub of world class education for front-runners and high-achievers who succeed not only in their respective courses but also in their chosen communities.  With training and internships that challenge our students to stretch their capacities and a diverse community that grows with them through their careers, Les Roches is not only a school but a way of life to many.  Here, two students weigh in on how LRJJ’s immersive education and multicultural community inspired their personal and professional journeys.


Les Roches Jin Jiang maintains its excellent reputation of providing its students with opportunities that help them thrive in a competitive industry like hospitality management.

For Monique Jiang and Mary Jane Jiang, both Hotel Management students from China, their internships in reputable hotels are highlights of their LRJJ education.

“Last semester I interned in Shanghai Jing An Shangri-La Hotel,” shared Mary Jane.  “According to Les Roches Jin Jiang’s understanding of the hotel industry, choose suitable hotels and positions, and truly experience the hotel industry through an internship.”

Monique, meanwhile, had done her first internship in JW Marriott Marquis Shanghai Pudong.

“During the internship, we need to establish a good interpersonal relationship, so that colleagues can encourage each other to achieve the monthly goal set by the intern hotel department manager.”

When asked what helped them accomplish their internships successfully, Mary Jane pointed out LRJJ’s curriculum and their teachers’ ability to effectively model real-life knowledge and skills needed in the workplace.

“The school’s curriculum classification is detailed and precise, enabling students to learn knowledge better and apply it,” she said.  “Many knowledge points in practice come from the school’s teaching, which helps in understanding the learning process and in accumulating rich experience.”

LRJJ’s approach to instruction and learning also impacts the students’ way of relating to their classmates, which prepares them in building relationships with their internship manager and other colleagues from diverse backgrounds.  For Monique, this is emphasized in collaborative activities in the classroom.

“In class, we often work in groups to complete assignments, including group presentations. In group discussions, we learn to listen to others, and agree with and adopt other members’ suggestions.  This is why we are able to build good communication and presentation skills among our members.”



 There are plenty of reasons why a career in the hospitality industry is still relevant post-pandemic.  Monique and Mary Jane acknowledge how their education in Les Roches Jin Jiang empowers and prepares them for various new demands in the near future.

“I feel like the most special skill I had learned in LRJJ was the skill of learning,” Mary Jane started.

“The skills we learned from internships can be quickly integrated into the workplace,” Monique added.  “And the department manager can better recognize our work skills and abilities, as well as our school.”

Experiential learning in the LRJJ classroom is seen through integration of digital learning and real-world problem solving.  Students are given the opportunity to confront complex business challenges that make them confident and knowledgeable members of any hotel or workplace they landed on.

Monique cited her experience in learning about OPERA Property Management System ahead of her internship, which helped her during an overwhelming situation.  “Because I had learned about OPERA in school, I didn’t feel flustered when the department manager transferred me to the guest service center department last-minute.  I was glad I knew how to use the system.”

Instances like this make our students feel that they are ready to take on real-world challenges in the workplace.  An entrepreneurial mindset is cultivated to prepare students in tackling different crises such as the ongoing pandemic.  Many Les Roches alumni across the world lead their own business ventures and one way or another, were affected by the global lockdown.  Their wisdom and profound stories of learning continue to inspire students like Monique and Mary Jane.

“I chose LRJJ because our school has an excellent reputation in the hotel management industry.  At the same time, the students who graduated from our school have made high achievements in the hotel industry,” said Mary Jane.

“Low-skill practices work might be replaced by a robot, high skill but fixed pattern work might be replaced by computers, but the skill of learning will make me more adaptable in the future hotel industry.”