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2019 LRJJ Sports Day

LRJJ Sports day was held successfully on June 18th. Our Sports Day was filled with energy, cheer and great team spirit.

The school’s sports day aims to encourage all students to maintain a healthy lifestyle by participating in various sport activities and promoting the good habit of exercising every day.

On this day a large variety of recreational and sports activities were offered by HM4 students.


Throughout the day students and faculty members participated in table tennis and badminton competitions, dance, color run and other exciting games.

The delicious lunch and drinks were provided to all students by HM4 kitchen group, all free of charge.

Sophie Vallat, a student delegate of organiser will introduce our Sports Day to the audience.

The weather conditions were bad, it was raining cats and dogs and a change was not in sight. It seemed as if the gods wanted to challenge us, HM4 Athletes, even more. We took the decision to move all outdoor sports into the school and SNU Sports Hall. First challenge of the day was successfully completed.

All HM4 Athletes were helping to set up the final decoration and then: The Games begun!

After all students and staff have been separated into 4 teams all Athletes started to fight for their god and win the title. Points could be collected in many different challenges such as badminton, plank challenge or chubby bunny.

After 3 rounds of games Ambrosia (the schools restaurant) offered a delicious and strengthening lunch to everyone. Then the change! Finally it stopped raining.

Everyone ran outside danced and through with colors! The best players and winning team were awarded. The water seemed to be a sign: Poseidon’s team (Blue team) won! Once again thank you, to the entire HM4 for making this event unforgettable.

Thank you all, athletes and organizing team, volunteers and LRJJ staff who played a crucial role in creating and making this event happen, giving us an unforgettable experience!