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ICEMS 2018 conference

The 3rd International Conference on Education and Management Science (ICEMS2018), was held on January 21-22, 2018 in Shenzhen, China. ICEMS2018 offered an opportunity to exchange, publish, and discuss ideas and thoughts regarding the scope of research related to the Education and Management Science. The aim was to promote collaborative excellence between academicians and professionals from Education and Management.

David Francis, Lecturer, LRJJ Shanghai presented his paper titled ‘Blooms Taxonomy with respect to Cognition in a Diverse Socio- Economic classroom’. His paper looked at how student experience plays an important role in the creation of meta- cognitive knowledge and the role of teachers in establishing positive experiences. The exercise in this evaluation was done through the framework provided by Bloom’s Taxonomy and the context was its relation to the diverse Socio- Economic influences in the classroom.

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